Considering A Remote Starter For Your Vehicle? Get The 411

If you do not have a remote starter for your vehicle, then you need to consider having one installed. With a remote starter, you will never again have to get into a freezing car in the winter or an unbearably hot car in the summer. This article examines some of the key considerations for anyone looking to purchase this handy and convenient system.


You might be wondering why you would need a remote starter installed, since most modern vehicles come with keyless entry. Range is a critical factor here. Many keyless entry systems that come with a new vehicle have a limited range. Installing a remote starter can extend the range of your system significantly. In some situations, the extended range can be very important. For instance, what if you are at a mall and want to make certain your car has time to cool down on a hot day? A remote starter that allows the car to start and the air conditioner to run from several hundred yards away gives the vehicle more time to cool down before you get in.

Manual Transmission

Does your vehicle have a manual transmission? If so, then you might feel that a remote starter is bad idea in your case. For example, an accident could happen when a car with a manual transmission is started and the emergency brake is not on or the vehicle is not in neutral. Remote starting systems have been developed that deal with these issues, however, and allow you to start your car safely. So installing a remote starter in your auto is a compelling option for all car owners, regardless of the type of transmission you have.

Honk Horn

Have you ever parked your car in a large parking lot or garage and forgotten where you parked? This is a common occurrence that is not only embarrassing, but can also waste your valuable time as you look for the vehicle. Fortunately, remote car starters can honk from a long distance away and allow you to simply follow the sound to your auto.

Waterproof Fob

One good idea when buying a remote starter kit is to purchase a system with a waterproof fob. This lets you avoid having to replace the fob if you accidentally drop it into a puddle or any standing water.

Getting a remote starter installed on your car is obviously a good idea, but don't try to do the job yourself. You may seriously damage your car's wiring unless you know exactly what you're doing. To avoid problems, have the system installed by a professional.