Understanding The Three Most Common Tow Truck Options For Your Towing Needs

There are a lot of reasons why you might need to tow your car, and there are also several different methods for getting the job done. As a driver, it's important that you know each of the types of tow trucks that could respond to your call so that you know when you'll need to request a specific type. Here are the three primary methods to consider the next time you need to call for a tow.

Dolly Trucks

A dolly tow truck attaches a tow bar to either the front or rear axle of your car, lifting the car in the air by that axle. The truck relies on a hydraulic system to lift the wheels, and it leaves the other two wheels on the ground to roll when the truck travels down the road.

These trucks are typically smaller than some of the other types of tow trucks, and they don't typically have as much power as some of the larger models. They are still a good option for light towing and some local transportation needs, though. They're also a good choice if the car you need towed is too wide or oversized to fit on any other tow truck.

Hook and Chain Trucks

A hook and chain tow truck is much less common now than it used to be because this type of towing can sometimes damage the car further than it already is. When it is used, it's typically only done with cars that have already been totaled as a result of an accident or cars that are going to scrap. The process requires the use of heavy chains that are equipped with a hook on one end. The hook is secured to the car, and the chains are anchored to the truck. The car is then towed by the chain, with all four wheels still on the ground.

Flat Bed Trucks

Flat bed trucks have become one of the most common tow trucks on the market today, particularly because they are so versatile. The large, flat tow surface on the back of the truck makes it easy to tow all kinds of vehicles. The car gets hoisted up onto the flat bed using a system of hydraulics or a winch motor. Then, it's secured with a set of chains to keep it from rolling while being transported.

Flat bed towing is often the best choice, particularly if you're worried about damage to your car. Just remember that it's best done by a professional, because the anchor system must be attached properly to protect your car and keep it in place.

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