Ridding Your Property Of A Vehicle Eyesore

If you have an old vehicle on your property which you are no longer interested in driving, you will most likely want to find a way to have it removed so it does not diminish the aesthetics of your land. There are several ways to get rid of a junked car without needing to pay anything to have it removed. Here are some tips to use when you want a vehicle off of your property right away.

Call A Scrap Vehicle Service

Many automotive scrap yards will accept vehicles and actually pay you for getting them. If you are able to drive the vehicle to the scrap junk yard, you will get top dollar in exchange for the metal weight price the service offers that day. If the vehicle is in undriveable condition, call the service to see if they will pick it up with a tow vehicle. Many auto scrap removal companies will send a truck to your property. You will most likely get less money in exchange for the vehicle, but it will still be towed away without needing to make a payment for its removal.

Sell As A Parts Vehicle

Consider taking your vehicle apart and selling parts separately. This will give you the most bang for your buck, allowing you to make a profit on parts before calling a scrap vehicle yard to come to remove the frame portion. Some junk yards will accept parts in exchange for money as well, allowing you to maximize the amount you will make for your junked vehicle. You can also sell the vehicle as a parts vehicle privately, specifying that the buyer is responsible for the payment in removing the vehicle from your property in addition to the price you are asking.

Donate To Someone Else

Donating your vehicle will most likely get it taken from your property without needing to pay a penny. Call local fire departments to see if they have need for an old vehicle to be used for fire training with new firefighters. They may send someone to your home to remove it right away. Call a few of your favorite charities to see if they have a vehicle donation program available. Several causes offer this service. They will send a tow truck to remove the vehicle for free and give you documentation you can use when filing your taxes with the Canadian Revenue Agency.

For more information, talk to a scrap removal company like Big B Towing & Salvage.