How To Install Four Winter Tires On Your Car With Proper Alignment

Installing winter tires on your car can make a huge difference in the way your vehicle handles on the road in bad weather conditions. Winter tires increase the amount of traction that you have when it encounters wet or slippery conditions when driving. The increased traction that you get from your vehicle can help prevent you from spinning out of control and potentially crashing into something. Installing winter tires is easy and can be done by following these simple steps.

1 – Park the car in a flat driveway where there is ample room to move around the vehicle. Apply the parking break to prevent the car from rolling when you are working on the car and securing the wheels in place.

2 – Using the tire iron begin to unscrew the bolts that hold the bolts in place on each of the tires. Do not completely remove the bolts; just loosen them to the point where you can unscrew the remaining threads by hand.

3 – Slide a car jack under the body of the car and fasten it to a solid section of the underside closest to the tire you want to change first. Pump the car jack up six to eight inches off the ground to allow yourself enough room to remove the tire.

4 – Unscrew the bolts on the tire by hand and place the bolts in a secure place where they will not get lost. Lift off the tire and store it flat on the ground, as standing the tires up may cause the tires to develop flat spots if they are left for long periods of time.

5 – Lift the new winter tire on in the exact same place as the old one was removed. Screw the bolts back onto the tire by hand and screw them as tight as possible without using a tool.

6 – Lower the car back down to the ground off the car jack and then tighten the bolts on the tire using the tire iron to secure them in place.

7 – Repeats steps two through six on the other three remaining tires and install all four with a fresh set of winter tires.

8 – Remove the parking break and start the car to test out the tires and complete this job.

It is advisable to always have your mechanical work inspected by a professional auto mechanic. An auto mechanic can also adjust the alignment of the car to ensure that everything is in perfect alignment and none of the tires are pulling in any one particular direction. Click here for more information.