3 Signs That A Car Has A Starter Motor Problem

Have you grown frustrated with having to turn the ignition in your vehicle multiple times before it starts? If you are sure that the engine is not the problem because it has already been inspected, you might be dealing with a bad starter. Take a look at the list of things listed in the article below that can happen when a car starter is in need of a repair or replacement.

1. Smoking After the Engine Turns Over

Although a lack of coolant for the radiator is a common cause of a car smoking, it might also point to something being wrong with the starter motor. It is possible that the wires connected to the starter motor have a short that is causing overheating to occur. You don't want to leave a short in starter motor wires too long before getting a repair because your vehicle might catch on fire. The short in the wires can also lead to you needing to invest in a new starter motor altogether due to internal damage.

2. Malfunctioning from an Engine Oil Leak

The starter in your vehicle is located in an area that is underneath the engine. If the engine is leaking oil, it can travel into the starter and saturate it to the extent of malfunctioning. Basically, the oil can prevent the motor from working as efficiently as it should, which is a probable reason for your car not cranking up in a timely manner. When a starter motor is saturated with oil, it is likely a good idea to just get it replaced. However, you might want to get the engine oil leak repaired as well if you don't want the new starter motor to wear down in an untimely manner.

3. No Engine Turnover

If you don't get the starter motor repaired, you might end up not being able to start your car at all. You will then not only need to replace the starter motor, but will likely need a new starter altogether. No engine turnover could mean that the starter is unable to interact with the flywheel in your car. A flywheel is a vital car part because it is where energy is stored so your car can function, but it can only work properly when the starter is in good shape. Visit an auto repair shop, such as Western Starter Ltd, for more information about your car's starter.