3 Signs That A Car Has A Starter Motor Problem

Have you grown frustrated with having to turn the ignition in your vehicle multiple times before it starts? If you are sure that the engine is not the problem because it has already been inspected, you might be dealing with a bad starter. Take a look at the list of things listed in the article below that can happen when a car starter is in need of a repair or replacement. [Read More]

Ridding Your Property Of A Vehicle Eyesore

If you have an old vehicle on your property which you are no longer interested in driving, you will most likely want to find a way to have it removed so it does not diminish the aesthetics of your land. There are several ways to get rid of a junked car without needing to pay anything to have it removed. Here are some tips to use when you want a vehicle off of your property right away. [Read More]

Fixing A Chipped Paint Spot On Your Vehicle

If you had a rock chip a piece of your paint off of your vehicle, you can easily do a repair on your own. With a little time and some knowledge on how to do the repair, your vehicle will be back to looking like new in a few days. Getting The Supplies You will want to take a trip to your local auto parts store to see if they have your auto paint in stock. [Read More]