3 Options For Addressing Stripped Threads In Your Engine Block

When your head gasket fails, your engine could start to overheat and reach dangerously high temperatures. Exposure to sustained high temperatures can weaken the threads inside your block. When you go to torque down the new head bolts after replacing the gasket, you may accidentally pull the weakened threads right out of the hole. If this happens, you have to decide how to handle the situation to return your vehicle to running condition. [Read More]

3 Signs That A Car Has A Starter Motor Problem

Have you grown frustrated with having to turn the ignition in your vehicle multiple times before it starts? If you are sure that the engine is not the problem because it has already been inspected, you might be dealing with a bad starter. Take a look at the list of things listed in the article below that can happen when a car starter is in need of a repair or replacement. [Read More]

How To Install Four Winter Tires On Your Car With Proper Alignment

Installing winter tires on your car can make a huge difference in the way your vehicle handles on the road in bad weather conditions. Winter tires increase the amount of traction that you have when it encounters wet or slippery conditions when driving. The increased traction that you get from your vehicle can help prevent you from spinning out of control and potentially crashing into something. Installing winter tires is easy and can be done by following these simple steps. [Read More]

Rookie Biker Mistakes Every New Rider Should Work To Avoid

The thrill of climbing onto a bike and having access to the views of the open road is enough of an allure to bring many to the conclusion that riding a motorcycle is an adventure just fitting for them. Even though even the best riders make a few mistakes after years of riding, proper training from the beginning is crucial to staying safe as a motorcycle rider. It is always a good idea to take advantage of professional motorcycle training sessions before you veer off on your own on a bike. [Read More]